More ways to access game changing AI

We believe that all games deserve the best AI. That's why we've created an accessible modular pricing model - making Kythera AI more convenient and cost-effective for developing studios. The model offers customisable packages and flexible payment options with transparent costs and no lengthy contracts.


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Pricing and products to fit your studio’s unique needs

Modular pricing and monthly subscriptions for our Unreal and Unity products means you can now customize a solution to choose only the features you want to use, like Flight Navigation, and pay for them in a way that works for you. 

Flying car in futuristic cityscape

AI that understands its environment

Lightning-fast, asynchronous pathfinding ensures that our AI can confidently navigate complex environments.

Flight Navigation Spaceship

Dynamic, immersive worlds

Capable of regenerating at runtime, our solution empowers you to create dynamic worlds that respond to changes, for deeper and more immersive gameplay.

Avoidance in Flight Navigation

Intelligent collision avoidance

Our AI comes with full collision avoidance, allowing you to create more immersive, dense environments and scenes.

Flight Navigation Module

Our Flight Navigation is just one of the cost-effective independent modules available for smaller studios.

Whether your game is set among the hustle of a sci-fi cityscape, a distant spaceport, or within the depths of an ocean, Flight Navigation with Kythera AI can empower your development with a dynamic octree, asynchronous pathfinding, and full collision avoidance.